2010/7/14 - 21 Cdo 2520/2009 (summary)

EU Law: devolution of rights and obligations under employment relationships – Directive 2001/23/EC 

2012/8/20 - 28 Cdo 2927/2010: Production Refunds for Sugar (fulltext)

In the situation where there is no adequate legislation concerning State liability for violation of EU law at the national level, the conditions of State liability resulting from the case law of the Court of Justice must be applied in accordance with the principle of primacy and the national Act No. 82/1998 Coll. must only be applied insofar as European Union law (including the case law of the Court of Justice) does not provide otherwise. In other words, Act No. 82/1998 Coll. must be applied where its provisions are consistent with the provisions of EU law or to matters that are not dealt with by EU law, provided that they do not render impossible or excessively difficult the right of individuals to obtain damages.