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YEARBOOK 2020. At the turn of winter and spring each year, the Supreme Court aims to issue its Yearbook as soon as possible in order to summarize its activity of the preceding year. The Yearbook traditionally contains basic information concerning decision-making and other judicial activities of both Criminal Division and Civil and Commercial Division, or various statistics accompanied by graphs. It further entails, inter alia, the list of judges and judges-interns and summarizes the workload of particular sections and departments of the court administration. We wish you a pleasant and insightful reading.


Legal classification of the attempted theft during the state of emergency in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic

The Supreme Court, sitting as the Grand Chamber of the Criminal Division, in its judgment of 16 March 2021 (Ref. No. 15 Tdo 110/2021) addressed the issue concerning legal classification of the attempted theft during the state of emergency. The Grand Chamber had to unify the contrasting views of fourth and sixth chamber of the Criminal Division concerning the conditions for using higher penalty for a theft according to Section 205 (2) and (4) (b) of the Criminal Code. This provision in its paragraph 4 (b) stipulates that the offender shall be punished with higher penalty if the theft is committed during an “event seriously threatening the life or health of people”.